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Business Consulting

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Effective Business Consulting in New Hartford

top view of business meetingWhether you're trying to bring the company of your dreams to life or you represent an established business, we offer business consulting to help you use your resources to find financial success. Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates is passionate about providing reliable, trustworthy consulting services to small businesses in our community. Our experienced CPAs use their industry knowledge and years of experience to offer consistently insightful advice.

We have been serving New Hartford, Whitesboro, and Utica since 1989 from our comfortable office in New Hartford. We look forward to designing a unique business plan for your success! Contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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How Can Consulting with Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates Help You?

Our business consulting services are provided to new start-ups and established companies across a wide range of industries. We are experts at analyzing and comprehending the status of your company. By understanding how your company functions and working with you to develop long-term goals, we help you chart a course toward financial success. When we work through your financial data, we are continually looking for new avenues of sustainable growth and ways to streamline your company's operating procedures.

Our team is expertly equipped to assist you with business valuations and start-up services. We are deeply rooted in our community and understand how important our local businesses are. By taking advantage of our hardworking team's local knowledge and expertise, you gain insight into local market trends and strategies that have strengthened other companies in your area.

How We Assist New Businesses

There are several vital factors to keep in mind when it comes to starting your own business. Our business consultants guide you to develop a plan to open your business as efficiently as possible and avoid the most common mistakes.

We want you to feel excited and confident about the sustainability of your dream business. We can:

Help you choose your entity structure: Your business's entity structure determines your personal liability, tax requirements, and ability to draw profits. We discuss the options for entity structure with you to help you make the choice that best fits your goals and business model. We'll also file incorporations on your behalf.

Set up your payroll system: Your employees must be paid the correct salary in a timely fashion. By setting up an efficient payroll system, you ensure that your employees are fairly compensated and all of your tax liability is fulfilled.

Help you select accounting software: Understanding how your company is performing financially is a crucial indicator of success. We can help you choose affordable accounting software that will allow you to track your revenue, expenses, and payroll.

Establish a system to monitor costs: As you get your business off the ground, you're going to need to keep an eye on overhead costs to make sure you don't accidentally stray off-budget.

Our plans also clarify your initial marketing, financial, and management strategies. By taking advantage of our consulting services, you give your business a better chance of long-term growth and sustainability.

Are You Looking to Sell a Business?

busienss people looking at graph in whiteboardIf you're looking to sell a business, you need to know approximately how much your business is worth to get the best deal possible. When it comes to valuations, our business consultants get to know your company's every little detail to deliver an accurate, fair, documented, and defensible estimate. We know how much effort you put into developing your business over the years and want to make sure that you receive a thorough valuation.

Our team can also optimize your business for sale by strengthening your internal controls, organizing your records, and removing unnecessary overhead costs. Doing so reduces the burden on the purchaser and makes your business more appealing to potential buyers. As with all our services, we take care to keep you informed regarding our processes. We never want you to feel left in the dark regarding your company's status, and we can help you move through the sales process with confidence.

Addressing All Your Consulting Needs

Whether you're looking to get an accurate idea of how much your business is worth or you're preparing to launch a new company, our friendly and efficient team is here to help. Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates provides business consulting services that you can wholeheartedly rely on. Call us at our location in New Hartford today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!

Call Us: (315) 733-4339 Book a Consultation