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Reliable New Hartford Payroll Services

top view of business team working togetherOne of the essential components of any successful business is a functional payroll system. Whether you need assistance with payroll taxes or need an efficient system that takes care of your employees, our friendly CPAs at Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates are here to help. Our focus on prompt, efficient, and accurate service ensures that your employee and tax obligations get met.

Our firm was established in 1989 to provide the business owners of New Hartford, Utica, Whitesboro, New Hartford, and the surrounding communities with affordable, trustworthy tax and accounting support. We understand just how much time, energy, and resources you've invested into your company and want to provide you with customized payroll solutions. We hope to hear from you soon, so call Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates in New Hartford today regarding your free initial consultation!

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Business Payroll Solutions

Your business's payroll system must be equipped to reliably distribute money to your employees and keep accurate records of payments made. Efficient payroll includes the financial records of employees, tax withholdings, annual employee wages, and your company's paycheck distribution.

Our team uses modern accounting software to manage your payroll. We strive to promptly deliver paychecks to your employees and check that their salaries are correct, so your employees are fairly compensated for the energy they invest in your business. When you take advantage of our team's careful oversight and precise work, you can trust that your employees and their paychecks are in good hands.

Efficiently Processing Payroll for Your Company

All of our New Hartford payroll services are performed in-house, with our skilled CPAs overseeing the entire process. Depending on your preferences, we can prepare weekly paychecks for your employees or set up and manage direct deposits. Our team is flexible and ready to implement a system that makes your life easier. Should you run into any issues throughout the payroll process, we're accessible and prepared to provide prompt aid.

Additional Payroll Services

In addition to processing and offering prompt troubleshooting should problems come up, we provide a range of essential services. Our New Hartford payroll experts:

  • Manage Withholdings: One of your primary responsibilities as an employer is to withhold the proper amount of payroll taxes from the wages, salaries, and bonuses of your employees. Our team calculates the correct withholdings and tax exemptions for each of your team members. They'll receive the right pay, and your obligations to the IRS will simultaneously be fulfilled.
  • File Quarterly & Annual Reports: It's challenging to understand which forms you need to fill out to correctly file payroll taxes. Our CPAs identify the required documents and file quarterly and annual reports on the taxes your company contributed and withholdings from employee paychecks.
  • Handle Payroll Taxes: Our team has the experience and skillset to help you manage payments for both federal and state payroll taxes. We keep your company compliant with IRS tax rules and regulations by carefully calculating the required amount of payroll taxes, keeping an eye on deadlines, and ensuring payments are made in full.

Payroll FAQ

Payroll can be a challenging subject to tackle, so we've come up with this list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have a payroll-related query that isn't covered here, we'd love to answer it! Simply give Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates a call today.

Should my company use direct deposit accounts or written checks?

Depending on your preferences and those of your employees, either option may be beneficial for your company. Direct deposit accounts allow employees to receive their checks with clockwork precision on payday, and there's no risk of valuable checks being stolen, lost, or delivered late in the mail. However, some employees may prefer not to share their bank information with their employers.

In that case, a paper check allows you to pay your employees on time while making it easy to catch any errors. Since you or another executive is signing the individual check, any errors should be quickly detected and corrected. Both methods allow you to compensate your employees fairly, and our team can help you weigh the benefits of each if you have further questions.

The Department of Labor suggests keeping company payroll records accessible for three calendar years or longer. If you run into unexpected tax issues or have a question, you'll be thankful to have your payroll information accessible. According to an IRS recommendation, you should also maintain employment tax records for no less than four years after you've filed.

Businesses that fail to file payroll taxes can face harsh IRS penalties. In some cases, the business owner can be held personally liable for unpaid payroll and income taxes. Filing the correct amount of payroll taxes on time is essential to the continued success of your business.

Trustworthy New Hartford Payroll Assistance

When it comes to handling your payroll system, from processing paychecks to filing reports, you can count on Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates to provide comprehensive support. Our friendly CPAs take the time to understand your company's needs and tailor our approach accordingly. Contact us today so we can begin taking care of your team's payroll!

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