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Tax Preparation

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New Hartford Tax Preparations for Individuals and Small Businesses

accountant using calculator in officeAt Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates, we understand that the financial landscape of tax laws can be complicated and challenging to navigate. As a small business owner or individual, you have countless tasks to tackle daily. By taking advantage of our tax preparation service, you free up valuable time to invest in your pursuits, product development, or the well-being of your employees.

Our thorough CPAs have been assisting the individuals and companies of Whitesboro, Utica, and New Hartford with their taxes and accounting since 1989. We provide accurate, timely, and personalized services that protect your hard-earned money and put you on the path towards financial success. Our team looks forward to helping you get organized and prepared for the tax season! Get in touch with Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates at our New Hartford office today.

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Why Should I Have a CPA Handle My Taxes?

Our friendly professionals are expertly prepared to file returns for individuals and companies across all entity structures. When you choose to partner with us, you benefit from our decades of experience and dedication to providing you with honest, diligent tax preparation. We stay informed regarding local, state, and federal tax regulations and laws and how they may apply to your unique situation.

Come tax season, our main goal is to keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible. We can maximize your eligible deductions and minimize your liabilities while helping you get a clear idea of where you stand financially. You can also choose to take advantage of our accounting and bookkeeping support, but we are happy to provide tax preparation as a separate service.

Our Organized Process for Tax Preparation

top view of business team working in officeWe perform the research necessary to discover which tax forms and documents fit your specific situation and send organizers to help you sort relevant paperwork. You'll be able to conveniently access your organizer via our website or through your email. Should you have any questions about which documents you need or how they are relevant to your situation, we are a quick phone call away.

Our team meets with you to discuss your tax requirements, help you get organized, and provide advice to save on future liability. Using the information compiled in your organizer, we can file your taxes. Our team is attentive to detail and checks your return for any clear and obvious errors to avoid fees or penalties for an improperly filed return. You can rely on our team to file your taxes with care, precision, and efficiency.

Why Consider Our Tax Preparation Services as an Individual?

Perhaps you want to purchase your dream car, possess a rental property, are considering retirement, or have many investments. The financial choices you make throughout the year can shift your annual tax requirements. We put in the time and resources to decipher your unique situation and get your return filed accurately and in a timely fashion so you can enter the tax season with confidence.

How Our Tax Preparation Services Can Help Your Small Business

You must stay aware of a multitude of factors when calculating business taxes. Essential details such as entity selection, company structure, and cross-state sales can influence your tax liability. We have the skillset to work with businesses of all entities and we possess considerable experience regarding:

  • LLC Taxes: Your LLC's federal income taxes are determined partly by the number of owners your company has. We helped you understand which forms are appropriate for your situation and use your company's data to file your return.
  • Partnership Taxes: Both your partnership as an entity and the individual partners are responsible for filing the correct tax forms. We clearly explain your responsibilities versus those of all the partners on issues such as income and self-employment taxes.
  • Corporate Taxes: All businesses are accountable for paying corporate taxes to the government. We consider your entity, operational methods, and available deductibles to efficiently prepare accurate returns.

Efficiently Addressing Fiduciary Taxes

The administrator of a trust or executor of a will is seen as a fiduciary because they hold assets or money on behalf of the beneficiary. We work with you to transfer the funds or assets to the intended recipient with as little stress and hassle as possible. Our team guides you through filing taxes for the estate or trust and on how to protect your inheritance. We understand that being responsible for a trust or estate can be difficult and want to make the process as simple and streamlined as we can.

Trustworthy Tax Preparation in New Hartford

You can rely on our team to get your taxes done correctly and have your return completed on time. Whether you're an individual with multiple income sources or a small business owner, we have the skillset to assist you. Contact our friendly team at Jeffrey W Hanretty, CPA & Associates today so we can get started on your taxes!

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